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Kindling Your Metabolic Fire (agni) to Maintain Your Weight and Improve Digestion

Ayurveda believes in kindling the internal metabolic fire during the months of winter to avoid weight gain, congestion and weak digestion.  Just like a house, the body has its own heating system. The central heating system of our body is the "Metabolic Fire" or in Ayurveda it is called your inner Agni. During the winter months it is crucial to nurture this metabolic fire and keep it strong.

Learn how to use herbs for better health.

I'll reveal the secrets of herbal treatments and the sophistication of herbal formulas . I'll share my knowledge after over 27 years of professional experience with Western Herbs, Indian herbs, making formulas, herbal ghees, herbal wines, herbal oils and mineral supplements.

Spring Detoxification Guidelines


Each year in the springtime, we have a peak opportunity to cleanse our bodies at the deepest levels.  My mission at this time of year is to encourage my patients to take action for their best health by detoxifying their body with herbal medicines and all-natural home treatments.